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i’ve been reading

keifel —  September 15, 2003 — Leave a comment

this is a book for anyone who enjoys the sensuality of food. in theory it’s an ‘apothecary of aphrodisiacs’, but it’s so much more, it appeals on a much more visceral level.

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Chicken, noodles and vegetables in a consommé.

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i’ve been thinking about borrowing this movie from the dvd club i’m in, but i’m not sure how much fun it’ll be without vic.

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i wish i could cook now, i’ve had a truly horrendous day and nothing would relax me more than to prepare dinner

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What I like about food

keifel —  August 26, 2003 — Leave a comment

i love food, i love the texture, the taste, i love preparing food and even if i don’t eat it, i can appreciate it if it’s well prepared.

cooking for me is a joy, i’m not a recipe cook, nothing ever comes out exactly the same when i do it. i like to cook in a spacious kitchen with lots of spices. i like powdered and bottled spices but there is the joy of the heft of a good knife as you slice and dice, seasonings by hand and that lovely aroma that remains on your fingertips and fills the kitchen.
there is something truly sensual about preparing a meal.

with this in mind, i asked a couple of like minded individuals to come and indulge their love of food, preparation and all, here.