New Zazzle duds and 5 Seasons Atlanta

victoria —  June 27, 2006 — 1 Comment

Thanks to the handy work of the husband and the fact that he was both home last night and not working on freelance projects… there are a couple new designs in the foodieporn closet. I am particularly fond of the “sprout” shirt and think it would be adorable as a onesie. Keifel is hard at work on the guy shirt but it may take a bit longer as the design is more intricate.

Our weekend excursion to the ATL was lovely. We caught up with old college chums (my how that makes me feel ancient). We arrived on Friday evening and made some dinner with/for our hosts. Nigella’s black rice with Keifel’s Thai chicken has won further converts.

Saturday was spent at the Corndog-a-rama, a little indie music fest in East Atlanta. Corndogs (turkey or veggie) were had by all. I forgot how good they are. Hell, everything tastes better on a stick. It was however, bloody hot and Keifel and I wilted rather quickly. We tripped off to Bound to Be Read Books and took advantage of their used corndog stick 50% off special. Keifel picked up a sex trivia book chock full of Victorian curiosities and stats and I found another in my quest for the Little Cookbook Series books: Sicilian. They are kind of twee, but I love the illustrations and you know how collectors get, the quest thing tends to surpass the reason thing.

We disappeared again to the Flatiron and had some apps of the bar food variety served by, I am fairly certain, the sexiest man in Atlanta, save my own dear husband. Gorgeous eyes, gorgeous dreads. We watched a little World Cup and waited for the others before heading off to 5 Seasons for dinner for real.

5 Seasons is a brilliant place. It looks suspiciously of upscale chain when you walk in. I’m sure you have experienced that almost too slick corporate look. But it is warm and inviting and if you get there a little before the dinner rush you can converse in a normal voice. E & G have been there a few times and recommended some things. I started with the calamari because it isn’t something I see on the menu very often in Nashville and with Keifel’s allergy it isn’t something I can do at home. It was divine. Perfectly cooked and just enough breading to give it a crunch without overwhelming the squid. I detest those rubber band ringlets that often pass for calamari in restaurants. Let’s just say they know their cuttlefish/squid type things and what to do with them. I had the duck both ways for my main and was incredibly reluctant to share the succulent and perfectly pink breast. The sauce, a spicy grape demi-glace, was good enough that I wanted to be all kinds of inappropriate and lick the plate. The garnish consisted of pickled shallots and a mound of light and peppery baby arugula. The leg, the other way, was juicy and sauced well but for me it was all about the breast.

In my effort to have a full meal when I write one of these, I ordered the creme brulee. Keifel said it would again end badly and spoil my perfect meal. 5 Seasons Brewery did not disappoint on the dessert. It had great crack and flavor though the creme was a little stiff. I do tend to prefer it a silky, barely congealed custard texture. That may just be me. The coffee was also good and I was offered a warm up, though that late in the day I would have been wired for sound. 5 Seasons was one of the best meals I have had in a long time. The Asian/German fusion brewery thing could have been a disaster, but they manage it with a deft hand and the beer isn’t bad either. If you’re in the vicinity, it is definitely worth a taste or two.

5 Seasons Brewery
600 Roswell Road (South of I-285 in The Prado Shopping Center)
Atlanta, GA 30342
404.255.5911 (Reservations)

Regular Schedule
Open 7 Days a Week
Monday-Thursday 11:00 am – 10:00 pm – bar open until 12:00 Midnight
Friday/Saturday 11:00am – 11:00pm – bar open until 2:00am
Sunday 12:00 noon – 10:00pm – bar open until 12:00 Midnight



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  1. The dinner sounds just devine. Makes me want to take a trip to ATL while we are in the states, just for dinner alone.

    Great to hear that y’all had such a wonderful time.

    *hugs* Hope to catch you soon!

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