Ask me how you can get free cookbooks by mail

victoria —  July 11, 2006 — 1 Comment

Thanks for all the response. All the cookbooks are gone. Mwah.

The eBay auction ended with our lots unsold. If you are interested in receiving a surprise package of cooking and home keeping booklets and pamphlets for free, email me at victoria [at] foodieporn [dot] com, replacing the brackets with their appropriate symbols, of course. First come, first serve until I run out. I’d prefer they go to a good home. I just don’t have even a tiny nook to store all this stuff and as Mom of the Endless Storage is giving me a set of china, I need to find room for that as well.

In other news, I have new client whom I met with last night to make a Moroccan meal. She is a lovely nine-year-old. We cooked together with her mother in their gorgeous kitchen out in the non-burb outskirts of Nashville. They have racoons and skunks that dine regularly on leftovers placed on a stone wall. It was fascinating to watch them dig into the bowls of foodstuffs completely unbothered by five of us standing there watching them within ten feet or so.

We have our own critters even if we are much closer to the city center. Mostly rabbits and squirrels, but chipmunks, opossums, racoons, snakes and woodchucks, too. I love being so close to downtown but I also love that we are in an older trolley-burb neighborhood that has mature trees and resident wildlife. If we just had a little more sun I could grow herbs or tomatoes but we are in a deep enough dip in the world that the trees block most of the direct sun. I can walk out of the house to the car and not need my sunglasses until I get to the end of our street, even on the brightest days.

JC and I are plotting for more partying later in the month or early August. Kind of Caribbean/Keys food and drinks. There will of course be pictures and recipes.



One response to Ask me how you can get free cookbooks by mail

  1. Hi,
    If you to find good home for your cookbooks., please let me know .
    I would be more happy to take them.
    please tell me how .
    Thank you

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