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Okay. I am NOT a sushi chef, not even close not by a long shot through a flaming tube being carried by inebriated penguins. That may be a little over the top, but the point I’m trying to make is that one doesn’t whip out a few California rolls (even pretty ones) then suddenly become a sushi chef. Real sushi chefs start out scrubbing counters long before they even touch a knife. All I really know how to do is make California rolls and a couple hand rolls. But I do love the little seaweed covered discs and even though I am not worthy to touch even the lowliest Nashville sushi chef’s apron, mine are tasty if decidedly non-traditional and limited in variety and they are much, much less expensive than even a couple rolls at a sushi bar.

I know, California rolls are not traditional Japanese sushi, but they do have a provenance that generally includes avocado and has the rice on the outside. The ones I make usually are called Philadelphia rolls (cream cheese and smoked salmon, though I include some chili paste for kick). I also make vegetable ones with carrots and cucumber. I like the rice seasoning mixes on the outside of my California-style rolls. Usually the one with wasabi, sesame seeds and nori flakes. If you have a shellfish allergic person who will be eating the rolls, check to make sure the seasoning doesn’t have dried shrimps and if you are using surimi (imitation crab) check the ingredients list as sometimes it does contain some (only a tiny amount, but enough to cause a reaction) real crab.

I have also been experimenting with wasabi sculptures. I have the leaves down pretty well but I tried to make a cartoony fish to match my new sushi dishes. It’s so-so. I sadly don’t have any pictures of leaves I’ve done.

My sorta geeky fish

Mmmm. Smoked fish and seaweed!

Seriously cute sushi plates and chopsticks

I love the plates and the chopsticks are too cute with their puzzle piece fish decoration. The fact that they are plastic makes them a little harder to use as they are obviously a little slicker than wooden ones. However, I would much prefer slick plastic chopsticks (even in restaurants) to the disposable wooden kind. Too many trees are felled to supply disposable wooden chopsticks, ask for bamboo or reusable plastic, pretty please.



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