Fantasies of cooking big

victoria —  April 6, 2004 — Leave a comment

I would love to write about this wondrous dinner involving sauces and terrines and goddess knows what all that I prepared for our first real meal in our new home. Ha!

I couldn’t even find the hotpads to get the burnt DiGiorno pizza out of the oven Sunday night. (The range is ancient and the oven requires preheating, no skimping apparently.) I did cook last night, as we are on a strict no eating out budget until Keifel gets a job.

I made salmon cakes a la Mom and pan fried them in some canola oil in my stainless steel frying pan that I have missed dearly. They browned so nicely and only one little bit stuck to the pan. We had an organic baby romaine salad with bottled Newman’s Own balsamic vinagrette. (Now that I know where the blender is I can make sesame dressing to my heart’s delight.) And canned corn, which is one of Keifel’s favorites and goes surpisingly well with the salmon.

I always say I don’t like canned corn, but on a budget, it’s not a bad starch. I’m spoiled though. It just isn’t like putting on a pot of water to boil and going to the garden to cut the corn and eat immediately dripping in butter and a little salt. That is a rare and wondrous pleasure.

Keifel put the dining table up yesterday. We got to sit together as a family and eat in our house for the first time. I think I could’ve eaten just about anything last night and it would have tasted like dining at The French Laundry.



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