Almost hot cooking free dinner

victoria —  June 4, 2011 — 4 Comments


It’s still too hot to breathe let alone cook. This is an easy dinner to through together if you don’t mind a little chopping. We make a base of seasoned sushi rice (white or brown) which is served at room temp but you could make regular rice. While the rice cooks, you can put your toppings together. For ours: matchstick carrots in rice vinegar, sliced cucumbers, sliced green onions, sliced sweet peppers in rice vinegar, Japanese-style scrambled egg, sushi ginger, smoked salmon, shiso and nori rice seasonings and Jules’ fiery soy sauce sauce.

Everyone can build their own dinner without too much fuss for the cook. It’s cooling, easy and you don’t feel like an anaconda digesting a wild pig afterward either. It’s also pretty impressive when all the toppings are arranged in little bowls on the table if you need something to wow or woo when it’s this hot.



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  1. This looks delicious! You are right . . . when it’s stifling crispy veggies and cool smoked salmon over rice . . . fantastic!

  2. Thanks for the recipe. This is a must right now in the Southwest. With all of the smoke from the fires our houses are sealed tight. We are sweltering!

  3. Great site! Stumbled upon it from a Google search for food blogs.

    Really awesome looking dish. I grew up on veggies and rice served like this, and you’re right, they are light and refreshing to eat. Cheers,


  4. Thanks. Glad you found me. I didn’t grow up on it but it is a favorite an my son will definitely grow up on it.

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