So you want to be a chef?

victoria —  February 3, 2005 — Leave a comment

Well, no. Not exactly. I admit I am not fond of the traditional hours chefs keep and I am not interested in spending every weekend and holiday cooking for strangers while I never see my own family. I guess I’m selfish that way. What I do want to do, as I’ve said here several times, is teach other people how to cook for those they love and care for in their own homes. I felt that a certificate would make me a little more legit and of course assist with getting licensed and bonded. Last semester went well.

This semester is a stickier thing. I don’t want to be overly harsh. I have one class that I am enjoying tremendously. The other two are giving me a bit of a go. One of them is a first time instructor in the program and he has, shall we say, a very different pedagogy than my instructor last semester. It’s been rather slow going and I’m finding it more tedious than I would have wished. We don’t seem to be getting to the theory part at all; there’s been no lecture to speak of. We have a quiz tomorrow over the first three chapters and we haven’t taken a single note in class.

The other class is with a more experienced instructor but I am finding myself equally frustrated. It’s mostly just Power Point presentation for the lecture and discussing people’s diets in class. The reading is interesting for both classes. But I feel like if the school requires me to be there, I should be getting more out of the time spent.

Rereading this, I feel like I’m being overly critical. I’m just disappointed I guess and unsure about whether I should say anything or not. If I don’t say anything am I doing a disservice to myself and those others in my classes who feel the same? If I do say something, am I coming across as, or indeed being, “that girl,” you know the one with the degree already?

Ultimately, it comes down to this. Yes, I do have a degree already and, yes, I have had the uncommon fortune of having a number of talented instructors. I guess I do expect something for my money. And I would like to feel like I am doing something during all the time I’m spending away from Keifel and the boychick.

No so much a foodie post. Just finding myself a little frustrated.



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