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posted 05/05/05
Another semester under my belt. I made an A in Baking I, I am 99% sure I have an A in Culinary II and Nutrition and Menu Planning which means after two semesters I have a 4.0 in culinary school. I will try not to dislocate my shoulder while patting myself on the back. It does feel really good. Hey, all I managed in grad school was a 3.75 (damn B in Old English).

This summer, I am teaching basic cooking courses at Ye Olde Pot and Pannery and taking Advance Baking (we get to play with chocolate and do pulled sugar work) and Hospitality & Restaurant Supervision (required and online). In the fall I have Culinary III and Purchasing & Cost Control and I have to do my internship. I have a couple leads on options but I really want something that won’t require me to sacrifice every night and weekend again through the whole Christmas season. I feel like I missed out on all the fun stuff last Christmas and dammit I am not repeating that.

So, as I am winding down with the last few classes, I am cranking up on the setting up the business front and putting out some serious feelers in regard to doing more food writing. I had a meeting earlier this week with CSG’s dad who is a marketing whiz. We came up with a value map and some great ideas for a name and possible logos for what has always been, in my mind, the mobile version of “Miss Victoria’s House of Sin and Breakfast.” A joke that got started in college when my goal was to open a B&B.

My goals have changed in that I am less interested in starting a business to which I am that rooted. The personal chef and one-on-one instruction is much more what I want now. And, of course the possibility of having my name running as a byline or down the spine of some cooking greatness. It all seems much more doable these days, not least because I have Keifel to support me and be a cheerleading task master. Yay me. (I am going to dislocate my shoulder after all.)



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