Happiness is a warm stove (and a window)

victoria —  March 14, 2007 — 4 Comments

When the Raschke-Agostinis first moved to Nashville (aside from the fact that the Agostini part was still out of the country) we were amiably sharing a kitchen (and a house) with the Cajun Scorpio Girl. When we rented our own place, I was excited to move back into my own kitchen. I really missed my space in Knoxville. Even though it was tiny, it had a certain kind of charm. I could hang my pots and pans, and best of all there was a big window that poured light into my workspace.

The kitchen I have lived with for the last three years is a derelict 1970s leftover. A drop in stove that is vintage to the structure (1978), crammed into shotgun space with no window to speak of as the kitchens in the duplex are on a facing wall. I have often said that anything successfully prepared is a personal triumph over the cattywampus stove and temperamental oven which could be off as much as 75 degrees either way.

Exhibit A

The kitchen in the house we are buying is a little bigger and much more open. All of the appliances are new and under warranty. I might not have chosen black, but they all match. I would have loved to have gas, but there isn’t a gas line to the house, yet. The cabinets are original to the house and have a 1950s charm. There is also a window over the sink, from which I can see the road and the line of trees beyond. I am so excited, almost giddy, as the best thing about this kitchen is that it is mine all mine.

Exhibit B the day of the open house (the drawer was being repaired and painted)



4 responses to Happiness is a warm stove (and a window)

  1. Your kitchen looks like my kitchen! Good luck in your new digs.

    I must say that I agree with the “yummy” quip affixed to your Nigella link. Not only does she make cooking look like a sex act, she comes from fine political stock (her father was a Thatcherite MP in the UK).

  2. Joltin’ Joe Jr March 16, 2007 at 5:15 pm


    I have added a link to your Web site on my blog. Check it out:


  3. Well, Joe Allison beat me to the comment. Alright.
    But, no kidding, the new place is pretty.
    Nice pictures of food too. I know it’s not easy to get food to look good in pictures.
    Joe P. from Measinc.

  4. Bravo!Love the kitchen but my favorite thing so far is the front door. Can’t wait to share one of your fab meals in the new space. I like the black.

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