“Forbidden Rice”

victoria —  July 30, 2004 — Leave a comment

First, big thank yous to everyone who posted their thoughts on roasting chickens. I will report back with further experiments as they happen. I also really appreciate everyone who admitted that they too can’t roast a chicken. It was comforting to know I wasn’t alone.

This weekend our experimenting turns to black rice. It isn’t dyed with squid ink or anything. It’s really that color. The short uncooked grains are an even, shiny black and look almost, but not unappetizingly so, like legless beetles. We bought it at the Fresh Market in Knoxville a month or so ago and have been waiting for inspiration to strike. Nigella, our personal kitchen goddess (no, it isn’t about the cooking. I will be the first to admit it), provided the catalyst for the use of the rice.

In Nigella Bites (I bet she does), she makes a dish with black rice, leftover Thai dipping sauce and shrimp. We don’t have any leftover Thai dipping sauce, but she graciously provides the recipe. Keifel is very allergic to shellfish; Nigella again saves the day by suggesting the substitution of either avocado for vegetarians or poached chicken for otherwise interested omnivores. I’m not crazy about poached chicken, but the avocado sounds nice. As a compromise we are baking a chicken breast rubbed with five-spice powder and adding ‘jade chunks’ (Nigella is always good for some purple prose) of organic Hass avocado. I am anxious to see how this “rice meets Nigella’s sexual innuendo” turns out.

Speaking of Nigella, she has a new book coming out in October in the UK, Feast. I will be longing for it to hit the US shores with all the anticpation of a 15 year old boy waiting for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

I am such a geek.



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