Cooking successes

victoria —  August 4, 2004 — Leave a comment

After a string of random cooking failures, including the much maligned roasted chicken, this weekend’s culinary escapades were unqualified successes.

We had friends over on Saturday for the previously mentioned black rice dish (which is actually from Forever Summer and not Nigella Bites). It was perfect, in taste, in texture, in presentation. I want to run right out and buy some more to see what else we can do with it.

It has a depth of flavor that is on the spectrum with red wine (it paired beautifully with a merlot), dark chocolate and berries and plums. It looks luscious and a little dangerous on the plate and is toothsome in the way that good brown rice is.

I also made the sauce cake again, which is from Nigella Bites. It’s just a brown sugar cake that makes it’s own sauce under it in the oven. Nigella adds dates to hers, but I’ve found that the dates absorb too much liquid and then there isn’t enough of the sauce. I suspect one could soak the dates in some sort of spirit, rum comes to mind, and that might just put you over the dessert ecstacy edge.

Have I mentioned that I love having a dishwasher? It is so much easier to clean up after a party with one. Speaking of appliances, the property management company replaced our stinking, leaking, too warm fridge with one that is bigger and has so much more room, a cheese drawer and room in the door for all the condiments that were getting lost in the fridge.

On a housekeeping note, Keifel sprang for pro access this morning and I had a look at our referrers. Two people have come to Eat Your Heart Out, aka foodieporn, from Google searches for Victoria Falls porn and chicken porn. I didn’t realize that VIctoria Falls had a thriving porn industry, and frankly I don’t want to know about the chicken porn.



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